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Ayanna left and me Jenifer, with the braids on the right

I decided to go back to my old stomping grounds, ATL, because I needed a quick and easy get away to relax, sleep and shop. When I returned to ATL I had no idea that I would have the best time there. I went with my besti Ayanna Little (yep her full government) and we totally enjoyed our short stay. Our Second day out was breakfast and one of the highlights of the trip. We at breakfast at this hidden gem of a dinner called Ria’s Blue Bird. We had the cutest waitress named Arieis (sorry if I butchered your name) and the food was amazing.



The best part of that day was when Ayanna said, “hey that guy looks like Ludacris.” I turned my head in the direction she was looking and said, “that is Ludacris.” I knew it was him because of his girlfriend Eudoxie, who happens to be an extremely beautiful person. They sat at the bar right next to us and I couldn’t contain myself on the inside, but on the outside you would have thought that I had everything together; calm, cool and collective. Ludacris stepped away for a moment, and I finally  worked up the nerve to ask Eudoxie if we could take a picture with her, she said of course and asked if we wanted to wait for Ludicris to come back to take a group pic. Little did she know, I really just wanted the picture of her and I. Sorry Ludacris I LOVE your girlfriend I think she’s an amazing person and I follow her on Instagram. Needless to say we all took a pic and enjoyed breakfast after.



When we were through with breakfast we went shopping and came across a couple of the best boutiques I’ve ever seen and we met the sweetest hat shop owner in the world, with the best hat store in Lenox Mall. I will give all the details in my next post.


IMG_20140406_135020I went out this weekend to an all white party, Charleston Wears White III, very sophisticated event. I wore an all white peplum dress by Guess. It was the Scuba and Mesh Mix Peplum Dress in True White. I accessorized with gold hoop earrings with long gold tassels that accented the earrings. My shoes were also white and they came from Guess as well.  I was prepared for my outfit , but I had absolutely no idea how I was going to do my makeup. Below are pictures and my first tutorial of my look.


First I started off playing with colors. I decided to do a pink lip because I love pink lips against my dark brown skin. All of these colors would have worked well because they’re in the cool color family opposed to the warmer color pinks. To make that statement simple, that means all the pinks that I selected complements my skin because they are in the blue family, not colors close to fire cracker red. Needless to say I was indecisive and I chose a totally different color then the swatches above.


I chose this color combo, Lorac frosted pink and Liquid Lip color by Mary Kay

After selecting my lip color I was more than satisfied with it . I paired it with a very soft smokey cat eye and a smile.


After everything was said and done I went out had a blast, (two party’s in one night) came home took the picture above and made my first makeup tutorial, With my cellie…at 2:30 am. Most people would go to bed. I’m a weirdo so I did a makeup tutorial instead. Enjoy ;-)


She got her first break with an internship at Honey, where she came under the tutelage of the magazine’s then Fashion Director Sydne Bolden Long. Jacques said, “Honey was the first magazine I read that truly spoke to me. But, even in the internship I wasn’t entirely sure that magazines were the thing for me. [Still], working with [Sydne] made me fall in love with print media. Her intensity and passion really inspired me. While interning at Honey, I formed a bond with [her]. From there, I was able to connect with people, who [would] in turn hire me for other projects.”

Her internship at Honey led to other internships at Instyle, Fader, and Dime magazines, and then to jobs at Vibe, Nylon, and now Glamour. Her current position involves editing, writing, and conjuring up new ideas for the magazine, and traveling abroad to Fashion Week to cover trends and discover new designers.

Her advice for breaking into the industry? She says, “Always know that your employer will learn just as much from you as you will learn from them. Also know your stuff. Never go into an interview or even go up to someone in the business without doing your homework first.” For women of color, she adds, “Never allow yourself to be pigeon holed or marginalized. Don’t let other people set the boundaries for you.” Source of Post-The Fashion Bomb Daily


Rajni Lucienne Jacques, she looks super cute. I could never pull this look off.

Reading this article truly inspired me. I meet a lot of influential people in my industry of work and business and its very seldom that someone else intrigues me and makes me feel like stepping outside of my box to try something that I may have been over looking. That’s what I took from this article on  Rajni Lucienne Jacques. She’s an original beauty and a leader in the fashion industry. It will be exciting to watch her and see what great things the future holds for Ms. Jacques.




So I was doing my makeup this morning at my job and when I got finished I said to myself, “self your face is beat to perfection, she looked back at me in the mirror and said, “girl did you forget, this is what you do.” I thought to myself, “oh yea, I am a makeup artist, and this is what I do for a living.” I LOVE DOING MAKEUP and soon you all will get to see me shopping, beating faces to perfection and showing you all how to create quick pulled together and glamorous looks.

My last three hours at work was spent doing an eyelash extension touch-up for and hour starting promptly at 2:30 finishing at 3:30. After cleaning my lash room I went to my station and started taking selfies…gotta love those selfies right, what a great way to past time. This is what I came up with.

IMG1116 You guys can obviously tell that I’m bored (out my mind). It dawned on me that I didn’t have on any lips. So, I went to my purse and whipped out one of the most poppington lip colors “Patent Leather Red” from the KIP Lip collection of Keep it Pretty and Look what it did.


Me, Jenifer Vanderhorst aka Ms. Keep it Pretty

My camera phone distorts color really bad, but I will put reputation on the line and vouch that these lip colors are Highly pigmented. Needless to say the last two hours of work was super fun. I played in makeup and took pictures of it all :-)



Color, color Bright vibrant color is in for Spring/Summer 2014 as if anything changed from last year. Bright color was the trend last season as well, so I guess it’s safe to say “if it aint broke don’t fix it?” I love loud color, it gives all black wearers, like myself, great insight on what colors to use to accessorize and accent our outfits.


Kanye West in a royal blue blazer and neon kicks. (sneakers to the slow leaks)

Here are a few pictures I found that inspired me to step into the vibe color lane and I have thrown a little something in for the fellas also. You too can wear bright colors with style and still exude your inner macho man by wearing colored blazers and neon kicks.Prettynpoppington-colortrends1-2013Prettynpoppington-colortrends-sneakers-2013

On my search for color trends I ran across a couple of colors that I will personally wear this season. The blue family (cobalt and royal blue) and mint green. They are two big colors for this Spring/Summer 2014. I’m exceptionally glad to see rich royal blues and cobalt have a place in the warmer fashion seasons this time around because I look great in blue and I’m ready to wear more. I’m sure all of my fab readers will enjoy this color tread for Spring and Summer also, and look amazing in it.


Me (Jenifer aka Ms. Keep it Pretty) in Cobalt blue)

Prettynpoppington-colortrends-blue-2013Prettynpoppington-colortrends-mintgreen-2013  Prettynpoppington-colortrends-shoes-2013


Beautiful dark chocolate skin. I’ll never get tired looking at this gorgeous lady.  Lupita Nyong’o photographed by Philippe Salomon and styled by Nick Nelson in Vera Wang, Katrin Schnabl and jewelry from Alexandra Mor for the March issue of Essence Magazine. Lupita’s makeup was done by artist Matin with vibrant jewel tones that accents her rich skin. Visit link for more photos


I found this pic of Rihanna  at Givenchy’s Fall 2014 show in a veiled snap-back, a pair of Riccardo Tisci x Nike sneakers, and the Pre-Fall 2014 Striped Blazer also worn by  Swedish actress Noomi Rapace. The pic was accompanied by a “who wore it better piece on Fashion Bomb Daily. It’s not so much who wore it better because both ladies look great. I think it’s more like who wore it different, and Ri Ri gets my vote hands down. Rihanna’s style looks a little Aaliyah essec, B-Girl meets high fashion where Noomi Rapace has distinguished a cool sleek menswear chic with loads of sex appeal. They both look great with just very different styles.


 Chanel Iman and Joan Smalls joined Jourdan Dunn on the the third season of her online cooking show, “Well Done With Jourdan Dunn.  The three beauties reminisced about that time they were all in a Beyonce video Yonce rocking it out while chatting about where they were when it dropped and how Bey allowed them to be themselves and just do their thing. Jourdan mentions a scene where she had to seduce Mrs. Carter. Check out details about her licking Beyonce’s chest and the Yonce video clip below.


Tom Ford Spring 2014 Black and White High-Neck

Jennifer Lopez and Jourdan Dunn stepped out on the red carpet, at separate events, but wearing the same dress. Who took the look? Hears my two cents, J-Lo shouldn’t have worn white shoes with  the dress because her skin tone and the white detailing, followed by white heels, made  her feet disappear. Um, we need to see feet to look normal, right? She needed more of a contrast on her feet, to bring out the black paneling accents of that hot Tom Ford mini. Jourdan, you took the look in my book. (that rhymed) ;-)

jourdan-dunn-2014-elle-style-awards Jennifer-Lopez-American-Idol-XIII-Premiere-Tom-Ford-Spring-2013

 PrettynPoppingtonSelfie PrettynPoppingtonSelfie2 PrettynPoppingtonSelfie3 PrettynPoppingtonSelfie4
W Magazine gathered three gorgeous models, Malaika Firth, Cora Emmanue & Riley Montana for an all so familiar spread entitled “Selfie Absorbed” shot by photographer Emma Summerton and styled by Giovanna Battaglia. This shoot is one that we should all know really well. When we take selfies the first place there posted is on Instagram or Facebook so don’t act like your not “selfie absorbed”


It’s so refreshing to see diversity and fashion big wigs push the envelope and let in some color. To no surprise and always the front runner of diversity Givenchy has teamed up with Erykah Badu and other women of color for there 2014 Spring campaign. Riccardo Tisci, The French fashion house’s creative director has featured a numbers of people in the fashion industry that represents something other than the quintessential faces of fashion, for example, albino model Stephen Thompson.  Erykah was chosen as the front runner for the Africa-meets-Japan themed collection. I say, great choice, no one else comes to my mind when I think of Afrocentric beauty. Along with Ms. Badu,  Maria Borges, Asia Chow and Eboni Riley will be in the ad campaign as well. 



We all should know by now that Beyonce has a vicious swag. Have you stopped to pay attention to the hipster bursting out of her. Yonce’s hipster style is one that is mixed with designer labels, sneakers, distressed denim, tanks and graphic tees. To see the rest of Beyonce’s hipster style follow the link for the other 3 pics and more.


5 Pictures That Proves Beyonce is A Hipster




For the March Vogue 2014 Rihanna graces the cover in a mesh jeweled crop top and light blue denim. Just leave fashion up to the unorthodox style of Ri Ri and you will always be wonderfully surprised or squinting with your head slightly turned. See Rihanna’s Vogue spread here 



Picture provided by: BGKI

What About Our Daughters listed Keep it Pretty Cosmetics as one of the must shops for Cyber Monday. What a wonderful treat to have as I arrived home and my little sissy told me that K.I.P was listed as one of the businesses to shop for Cyber Monday. Thank you soooo much for the support, PrettynPoppington and Keep it Pretty greatly appreciates you choosing our business to promote on your site. We promise that we will not stop until we reach our threshold of success and even then we will keep going.

keepitpretty1 (1)

Here is a re-post from What About Our Daughters and a list of the online retailers you should further support

Capital City Mumbo Sauce The original wing sauce of Washington,

Interwoven Creations by Crystal - Interwoven Creations by Crystal offers hand-crafted crochet items for the entire family.

Brassfly Studio - An Eco Urban Experience, using all that is available, molding everything into beautiful pieces for you.

Miss Pinkie’s Seafood Macaroni and Cheese - Macaroni and cheese with seafood.

Q’s Cakes, Cupcakes and Sweets - Cakes, cupcakes and sweets.

Whoa that’s Bright - Colorful Gifts to get noticed.

Keep it Pretty Cosmetics - Keep It Pretty is a Specialty Cosmetic Line that provides designer eyelash enhancement pieces, vivid lip colors and graphic tee’s

Artfuladdie - Handmade leather journals

Nzingah-A Sankofa’s Child Jewelry Linew - Nzingah specializes in one of kind jewelry for males and females.

Q’s Cakes and Cupcakes - Cakes, cupcakes, pies, chocolate covered Oreos and other sweet treats.

KAI Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy and Wellness - all natural, artisan aromatherapy, bath and body products and massage services.

Suds Bar Soap and Essentials - We help you achieve healthy skin naturally with our artisan crafted soaps and body products.

wirequeenjewelry - wire wrapped jewelry, original art, and crochet wear.

Clutch Handbags - THE online source for clutch handbags!

Jamison Parker Designs - Stylish Handbags and accessories

JenSan Home and Body - At JenSan Home and Body we offer a wide selection of handmade organic soaps, soy candles with essential oils, organic body butters, organic body scrubs, scented pillar candles and more.

The BackLoop - Handmade accessories for you and your home

Zabba Designs - African Tops, dresses and jewelry

Valana Minerals - 100% Natural & Vegan Cosmetics Specializing in Diverse Shades

2chicdesigns handbags and accessories - Handmade purses, iphone cases, and infinity scarves for the chic woman

LeMahogany Illustrations - Fun, fashionable illustrations and collage art

A Holey Moley Lyfe - Handmade earrings that make a statement!

Improve Your Assets – 30 Days to a Better Booty - How to lift, tone and slenderize your glutes for the tight firm butt you’ve always wanted.

kencharbody - Natural and Organic Bath & Body

Skylark Spirit - Gemstone Jewelry to heal the mind, body, soul.

Pretty Jewelry Things Store - Vintage jewelry, largest collection of Monet Jewelry, Coreen Simpson, Givenchy, Dior and many more.

Alupa’s Attic - I offer an eclectic type of product such as collectibles, crafts, craft supplies, jewelery, nostalgia, bottles etc.

FlameProof - FlameProof is a safe, proven solution for preventing the spread of fire in your home.

Akhu Designs - Handmade home furnishings & fashion accessories made from African fabrics.

Northwest Scents Natural Black Hair Care - natural prodcuts for black and afro textured hair

Choosing Deceit: Shun-Ur Book I - ;Choosing Deceit: Shun-Ur Book I”, a novel, is a gripping work of fantasy fiction set in a mythical region that evokes landscapes similar to the Sahel, East Africa, Middle East, North America, Central Asia and South Asia, with multicultural characters that can be enjoyed by fantasy fiction readers of all backgrounds.

50BelowRack - 50 Below Rack sales fashionable finds for affordable rates

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mycollage (2)

Hey guys, I’ve been away for a while apologies, just don’t take me out of your favorite list just yet. While on the hunt for new beauty products, with an edge, I ran across a line called Keep it Pretty, accessorize with lashes and lips. They have vivid colored lipsticks in orange, purple, pink and red, along with multiple styles of designer eyelashes. I love this line.

Pink: Patent Leather Pink

Purple: Purple Scratch

Red: Patent Leather Red

Orange: A little Pumpkin, Pumpkin

mycollage (3)

While on the search for fab, fab celebs, (two fab’s for style and beauty) I came across Amber Rose, Lola Monroe, Tae Hackerd, and Blac Chyna. These ladies all share a common similarity, they are what the hip hop world refers to as video vixens, and they are a few Bad…B!t$hes. They’er image represents everything Keep it Pretty. www.keepitpretty.com  So…if you were looking for a way to achieve their look, I urge you to visit this site and get what they’ve got.