Whats Poppington: Ms. Fox, Vivica Fox that is, Did You Say 50 Cent Is Gay?

PrettynPoppington50-cent-and-Vivica-FoxIf you were watching Watch What Happens Live tonight then you know all about Vivica A Fox calling 50 Cent a “booty snatcher”. My oh my, what good TV this was tonight. It shouldn’t be a surprise that 50 Cent, or Vivica Fox are trending topics right now. I’m waiting to see what two people will have to say once this messy situation circulates the media trail. The first response I’m readily waiting for is 50’s. We all know he can be a huge ass when it comes to getting pay back. So Vivica, be prepared for the wild fire that you have just started.The second response I’m waiting on is from Wendy Williams, This is definitely going to be a big deal for Hot Topics, and we all know she will have plenty to say. If you missed Vivica Fox and her booty snatching comment look below and press play to catch up on the tea.

Whats Poppington: Hip Hops Female Competition


VH1 did an article on the top 15 female rappers to look out for in 2015, The list is quite interesting. Some of the MC’s that made the list has definitely made an impact this year and will continue to make their mark into 2016, and others I haven’t heard of. That’s not to say that they’re not doing big things, I simply haven’t heard of them. I’m no rap authority, I just like what I like, which just so happens to end up very popular or mainstream. So, with that being said, I have an eye for things and people that are poppington (pun intended).The top 15 ladies that were selected by VH1 are Angel Haze; Lizzo to Jungle Pussy; Tiffany Foxx to Nyemiah Supreme. Didn’t I just say that i’m tuned in to all things/people that are and will be poppington. Tiffany Fox, yes mam. I did a post on her a few years back (I’m tooting my horn) because I knew she would certainly make a mark, Nyemiah Supreme was also featured on a PrettynPoppington post along with other female MC’s apart of The Sisterhood of Hip Hop, a reality show that show cased women and their journey to success in the hip hop industry. I feel that VH1 has a pretty accurate list. My top three female MC’s for 2015 are as followed and check out hip hops female rap competition below.

Whats Poppington: Hip-Hop’s Competition Tiller, Lanez, and Leon


Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez, and Sean Leon are three men putting in work to be the best. These guys are musical artists making their mark in the world of hip-hop. They are beating the odds when it comes to the quintessential dreams of most artist to “make it big” in the industry. With consistent radio play well over 200 thousand likes on YouTube and other social media outlets these men are hip-hops competition. It’s amazing what independent labels, self determination,  unique style and talent can get you. Remember these names, I’m sure you’ll see them again.

Whats Poppington: A ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Sequel Is Already In The Works?


Given the success of Straight Outta Compton, its clear that the West Coast’s hip-hop golden age still needs proper storytelling for a new generation. With that in mind, word circling the rumor mill is that the film will be followed up by a film charting the rise of Death Row Records. According to Dogg Pound lifer Daz Dillenger, Tupac and Snoop Dogg will be the subjects of “Dogg Pound For Life,” which also necessarily includes the story of one Suge Knight – who in real life wasn’t exactly enthralled with his portrayal in Straight Outta Compton. Although no casting has yet been confirmed, Dillenger did mention that Dr. Dre’s son – Curtis Young – will likely assume the role of his old man. Stay tuned for more information on “Dogg Pound For Life” as it arises.  Author: Josh Davis Source: HYPETRAK

Whats Poppington: Jazmine Sullivan: Let It Burn


On the drive home “Let It Burn” came on the radio, yes I still listen to the radio, and I swear this song took me somewhere that I haven’t been in along time. I felt like I was on a mental trip to the land of loves milk and honey. Not that I’m in love or anything, nor have I found the love of my life (that ship has sailed and sank) but It felt wonderful to feel love through music. That’s the reason why Jazmine Sullivan is one of my favorite R&B artist. Her music is true blue R&B with soul that has a classic funk. I love this single. Check it out and fall in love along with me.

Whats Poppington: Kendrick Lamar Interviews NWA: Straight Outta Compton


Kendrick Lamar interviews members form NWA in an informal sit down that discusses their thoughts on how they’ve evolved from the hard life of growing up in Compton LA, to how their lives have changed. Are they still the same young men that came straight out of Compton? Do they still relate their millionaire and billionaire status to the life and culture of gansta rap?  Check out the interview and see for yourself.

Whats Poppington: Nykhor Paul Goes In On Makeup Artists

o-NYKHOR-PAUL-WHITE-INDUSTRY-facebookI live for a good ole fashion “read”, yes I do. I’m not talking about a good book either. I’m talking about a finger waving, head swaying, heffa don’t get slapped read. If it’s warranted and deserved, to the point wear it’s clear that the person who’s getting their ass handed to them deserves it, I’m all for it. Nykhor-Paul-for-Elle-South-Africa-May-2015-BellaNaija-April2015 In this case Nykhor Paul did the reading, and unprepared so called professional makeup artist are the readies. Nykhor Paul is upset and vocally displayed her frustrations in an instagram post about “professional” industry makeup artist not having her shade of foundation when its time for her to get her makeup done for a professional shoot. First off I understand how she feels 100% and second of all I consider myself and industry professional makeup artist and I would NEVER ask the talent, client, or model to bring their own anything. That’s so unprofessional, It’s tasteless and pathetic, And I’m insulted as a makeup artist and a women of color. If your Casper white of blue black and your a professional industry artist or consider yourself a makeup artist in general you should have all shades covered across the board no excuses. If not, your slack and your craft is weak. I’m a little hard on this topic because it’s simple and the world of fashion and entertainment is full of an array of skin shades. So take this as a lesson learned and step your game up to where it’s supposed to be. Nykhor-Paul-model-image-008

 Dear white people in the fashion world!

Please don’t take this the wrong way but it’s time you people get your shit right when it comes to our complexion! Why do I have to bring my own makeup to a professional show when all the other white girls don’t have to do anything but show up wtf! Don’t try to make me feel bad because I am blue black its 2015 go to Mac, Bobbi Brown, Makeup forever, Iman cosmetic, black opal, even Lancôme and Clinique carried them plus so much more. there’s so much options our there for dark skin tones today. A good makeup artist would come prepare and do there research before coming to work because often time you know what to expect especially at a show! Stop apologizing it’s insulting and disrespectful to me and my race it doesn’t help, seriously! Make an effort at least! That goes for NYC, London, Milan, Paris and Cape Town plus everywhere else that have issues with black skin tones. Just because you only book a few of us doesn’t mean you have the right to make us look ratchet. I’m tired of complaining about not getting book as a black model and I’m definitely super tired of apologizing for my blackness!!!! Fashion is art, art is never racist it should be inclusive of all not only white people, shit we started fashion in Africa and you modernize and copy it! Why can’t we be part of fashion fully and equally? ” ~Nykhor Paul~

Who’s Poppington: Candace Hill The Worlds Fastest


I’m a track and field fan. Partly because I was a track and field superstar back in the day…in elementary school that is. Stono Park Elementary all day. Anyways, I came across this clip of a young lady being featured on CNN for her stellar speed and the road she travels leading her to the Olympics. Candace Hill is her name and running with speed is her gift. Setting a new world record of 10.98 in the 100 meter sprint is why this 16 year old is so popular. The high school athlete is a beautiful and talented young lady that has been thrown in front of the camera for all to see. This is just the beginning for Candace, so while she gets use to the camera we’ll get prepared to watch her career climb to “Olympic” heights.


Whats Poppington: “Carolina All Day” Another J-Vive Post


Joshua J-Vive Harper a super talented musician in the classical and contemporary sense. This man plays instruments, (Don’t ask me how many, just know its a bunch) he can sing…sang! and he is a conscious lyricist. Why conscious you one may ask, because he cares about the lyrics that comes out of his mouth. They mean something.They’re not just a bunch of words that rhyme with word play mixed with a catchy tune. Lets be real that’s the basic recipe for a lot of these mainstream and some indie rappers today. With all his talents we can officially call him an artist, due to him being multi faceted in several areas of the arts and entertainment.  Below is the video “Carolina All Day”, Charleston South Carolina that is. If your aware of current events and what takes place in US news then you’ll know that our city has been involved in quite a bit of issues lately. This song speaks to that and it has a cleaver twist at the end. Check it out leave a comment.

Whats Poppington: My Home Charleston


There is so much hurt that’s taken place in Charleston this month. I’m a Charleston SC native and I currently live in Charleston and I’ve been asked by several people if I was going to write a post on the church massacre that took place at Mother Emanuel AME Church in downtown Charleston SC, My response was no. I will not post about the shooting because I didn’t want any personal gain from the horrific incident that took place. People want information, they want to know whats going on. I feel that my site is a personal blog for entertainment and culture. I would rather gain hits for talking about Kanye West inappropriately stage jacking someone verses me gaining hits for being one of many bloggers of media outlets that hopped to the chance to cover a story due to high interest of current events. It seems extremely disrespectful to the nine people that lost their precious lives due to hate and wicked acts of self indulgence housed by a boy with a pathetic soul. What’s going on in the world right now and in my city is sad, It personally hurts and its scary to wonder or think about what tomorrow will bring when the future right now doesn’t look any greater than America’s past. I was watching this clip of an interview from an elder Charleston activist and he put a lot of things into perspective for me in regards to the current race war status of America. Hopefully it’ll help you as well.

Rachel Dolezal Identity Crisis or Naw?


Rachel Dolezal is the number one topic of news outlets across the US. For obvious reasons. If you don’t know what those reasons are well just keep reading. Some people feel that her identity issues has helped the black American cause, when in all actuality it’s not her identity that’s helped black American causes it’s her body of civil work that’s supported black Americans and the issues they face. So why couldn’t she just remained a white woman while fighting the good fight? Was she taking advantage of her passion for black equality by disguising herself as a black woman or does she truly identifies herself as black and has a server identity crisis that requires her laying on a sofa with a licensed mental health professional? Personally I feel that she’s passionate about aiding in anyway possible towards the  “black struggle,” however I do feel like she has an identity crisis. No one should have to change their natural born race for any reason, or circumstance at all. Passions, and good causes aside, I think Rachel Dolezal needs to lie on the sofa. She’s clearly going through a sever identity crisis that requires professional assistance. None the less she has done her due diligence with helping and portraying herself as a natural born black women, now maybe she can do the same and seek help for obvious identity crisis.

Whats Poppington: Back From Hiatus My Child is Here



Please forgive me and come back to me, I’m speaking to the 20k readers that frequent PrettynPoppington every month. I have good reason for my departure. I had a child, my first, a sweet little boy whom is dearly loved. Now, I know that warrents some forgiveness. As I ease my way back into the blog life a few things have changed, I will be focusing more on urban culture, and entertainment due to me being a radio personality on an internet based station called Kinetic HiFi and urban culture and entertainment is extremely broad, so I will have much more to rant about. The radio show I’m on is Those to Watch Radio, (my radio name Ms. Keep it Pretty) we cover emerging stars in indie Hip-Hop and R&B music. It’s internet radio so we can say whatever we want, and you can imagine how crazy things can get from time to time with myself and three men as fellow co-host. With that being said I’m sure to lose followers and gain new ones in return. Those who decide to stay and come back to me I thank you. I will post new articles every Saturday, thats one new post a week and as I get acclimated back into the blog life you will see one new post go to three, three go to five, and so on and so fourth. Check back with me on Saturday June 13th to checkout the newest post from PrettynPoppington. image (3)

Whats Poppington: Nicki Minaj Talks About Her Break Up With Safaree

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Nicki Minaj interviews with Angie Martinez on power 105.1 in what I think is her most personal and organic interview ever. This is the first time I feel like I’ve ever related to her in an interview. She expresses her feelings about going through a tough and current break up with her long time boyfriend Safaree. Nicki shares intimate thoughts about her life in a way she never has before. I’m a Nicki Minaj fan so I enjoyed and appreciated this interview. I feel like it was also a great interview because Angie Martinez is a dope ass interviewer . I’m sold, definitely going to get the album. Check out What she has to say below.

Who’s Poppington: Azealia Banks Interview Hot 97

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This is the very controversial interview with Azealia Banks on Hot 97. I loved listening to her views and felt every emotion she felt. I love her. I’ve been listening to her since she dropped, before she became super popular. She is the truth. One of PrettynPoppingtons favorite people. She has a voice and she’s not afraid of who hears what she has to say. In my opinion she is a true definition of hip hop in an uncut and raw sense, not this watered down mainstream bullshit that gets pushed to the masses as a facade and/or stolen images and portrayals of hip hop from corporate America. Check her out. You may or may not like what shes saying, but keep in mind, Hip hop is Black American culture and no matter what mainstream hip hop says or try to erase, that’s where it began with black people in the streets of New York. Shes passionate about her views. I say rightfully so, and I’m with you.