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Hello readers and watchers, I teased you guys last night with Nina Ross’s new albumin release. I will post a link in the very near feature of where you can get her hot new mix tape, “Ridin Round Wit That Nina.” Check out the video, Poisson by Nina Ross, it’s fun , it’s a feel good joint and I know you will love it, because I do.

Nina Ross  get at her….

One of Charleston South Carolina’s own female rapper, Nina Ross, and over all entertainer marks July 25, 2014 as the day to celebrate her album release. That’s today in case y’all didn’t known. “Ridin Roun Wit That Nina,” the mix tape that’s been creating mega buzz is here and ready to be heard by the masses. I guess I should apologize for dropping this teaser huh, but I’m not. Tune in tomorrow to hear Nina Ross, The Imperial Queen’s music, videos and her interview with Those To Watch Radio on Kinetichifi.com
PrettynPoppington-Nina Ross1

Brianna Perry, Nyemiah Supreme, Diamond, Bia and Siya
I’ve been waiting all week for Oxygen to premiere their Sisterhood of Hip Hop special for weeks. The show is going to be real, gritty, entertaining, and it will pull you in. What else would you expect with T.I as one of the creators. These 5 females have entered the world of hip hop experiencing the good, bad and ugly. With cameos by Pharrell, Rick Ross, Eve, Lil Jon, Irv Gotti, Tank and Travie McCoy, these women are truly on a platform that will allow them to gain even more exposure and take their love of music to another level. Check out a few videos by 3 of the cast members of the Sisterhood of Hip Hop.

Do you want more hear what Siyas and Brianna has to say

messy mayweather-prettynpoppington

Messy Mayweather is at it again. Floyd Mayweather was questioned about T.I during a press conference for his upcoming Marcos Maidana fight. He was asked by a fan in the crowd, “what about T.I” and his response was not so nice. Messy Mayweather responded by saying, -what about the b-tch? I was f-ckin’ his b-tch. Money Mayweather gon’ make it do what it do, baby!- Come on Floyd, why rehash a dead situation and make things so nasty after you gave such a heart felt apology to Tiny and her family on Necole Bitchie in an exclusive interview. T.I, what are you going to do about this I wonder? Well what ever you do PLEASE no violence.


LuChi Royale-PrettynPoppington

The words quoted below are words from “The Genesis” page on the LuChi Royale website. Reading the statement below simply made me feel divine and one with my inner royal spirit. LuChi Royale delivers a luxurious feel to men and women who require the upper echelon in designer fashions. I for one have my eyes on the wool and leather graphic printed varsity jacket. I’m all over it, for real. I’ve fallen in love with this brand and their from my hometown…that’s right Charleston SC. I’m keeping my eyes on these guys, and you should too, they’re developing a culture.

LuChi Royale Clothing Co. isn’t for the average person. Its for those who claim much more than is offered. For the leaders of today. The originators. The Boundary Pushers. The Risk Takers. The Kings…Royalty. See everyone cant grasp the concept of the responsibility of a King. A King just isn’t put into place to rule. He’s there for the people, to lead, to protect, and to represent. Same goes for Queens. We believe our product embodies the life of an everyday modern king and queen leading there people to their prime.”

Prettynpoppington-Rita-Ora-for-Roberto-Cavalli-3 If you cant figure out who this is at first glance your not alone. It’s Rita Ora, She looks absolutely stunning. Not that she doesn’t any other time, but seeing her in this image is breath taking, and I’m sure she’s slimmed down quit a bit. Rita is the face of  Cavalli Fall/Winter 2014 collection. She’s giving us nothing less than glam, sex, sophistication, and style all in one. Muy caliente Rita, muy caliente. See more pic prettynpoppigto-rita-ora-cavalli-3


Beyonce and Blue Ivy

I’ve been trying to avoid doing a post on Beyonce and her adorable little girl, Blue Ivy for days now. My reason is I didn’t want to make a big deal out of B being a great mom and spending time with her child because their’s tons of great moms out there, I aspire to be one some day. Well, I couldn’t help it. I strolled by the pic above for the last time and I had to post it too. If your a Pretty-N-Poppington follower you know I post what’s poppington to me not whats trending. You may say that I’m killing myself in the popularity contest, and I say I don’t give a tart fart…lol. Any who, I love these pics of mommy Beyonce and baby Blue Ivy, and I’m sure you will too.


Adorable “Mommy and Baby feet”


Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley spearheaded the search to find a face for the first ad campaign for Marc by Marc Jacobs. They searched the social media airwaves for a model and came across more than a few wonderfully different individuals. The fashion house of Marc Jacobs announced that aspiring models could submit applications via the #CastMeMarc hashtag. In return gaining a flood of selfies almost immediately. The results of the search are the individuals you’ll soon see once you press the play button in the video below. If you love quirky, unique style and people like I do, you’ll love watching whats in store.


PrettynPoppington-New Balance

Ladies, if you love sneakers or love looking cute in sneakers at the gym, like I do, New Balance has done the most for us girls with their new Safari Pack collection in the classic 574 New Balance styled sneakers. The sneakers are neon multi colored with a color block design to add flare and a fresh vibrant look to the traditional New Balance silhouette. In the Next two weeks I will have a pair for myself, then I will be able to let you all know how they feel, wear, and rather or not my big toe gets smooshed when I jog on the tread mill. I cant stand that smooshed big toe feel. So, I will test these babies out for you before you all make your purchase. Check back with me in two weeks. for the Safari Pack New Balance Sneaker Review.



I am now giving opportunities for the ever so talented men and women of my city, Charleston SC, and other areas as well a fantastic media outlet that will expose them to the masses. If you are interested in online media exposure and your a  #musicalartist#designer#stylist#fashionculturebusinessowner,or anyone that would relate to #fashion#urbanculture, and/or #beauty inbox Jenifer Vanderhorst on FB for your opportunity to be seen and herd by 30,000, yes 30k individuals that are reached by PnP across the world monthly.

PrettynPoppingtion is  urban fashion culture, beauty, and entertainment from a Charleston girls point of view. Don’t sleep on this. Be heard, seen and exposed.



1103 Bacons Bridge Rd. Summerville, South Carolina

I came across one of the dopest cyphers I’ve ever seen. A production of 843DopeTV in South Carolina. This cypher featured one of the best rappers I know, Marcus Blackk Boi Greene, aka Bishop Drippa from the largest rap group in Charleston SC, the Juice Gang (Bang! Bang!) Other artists featured on the cypher are Aasen B, Corrupt C, and Lucky Lucciano.  Some of the lyrics may be a bit racy, but look at the style of each artist as they grace the mic. Their raw, uncut and organic. The third artist, Blackk Boi, is truly a lyricist. He has a particular way with word articulation, an easy flow, and his use of words and word play are very smooth.


Marcus “Blackk Boi” Greene


Inland Skate Shop, where the Cypher took place.

Inland Skate Shop just doesn’t offer freestyles and cyphers for your entertainment. They also have skate gear, boards and anything you may need pertaining to that skate board life. It’s just an added bonus that you and I got to watch a cypher, that was put together very well I may add. I loved it and I’m not a heavy rap head. I can respect two cultures coming together to make it do what it do. The culture of skate boarding and rapp through the concept of a cypher, combined with a production team and what seemed like great chemistry was an experience to remember and something good. 


An Inland Skate Shop image


An Inland Skate Shop image



Kelis, 34, is the Brit Award-winning singer behind such hits as ‘Milkshake’ and ‘Trick Me’. She grew up in Harlem where her mother, a catering chef, fostered her passion for food. Since training as a professional chef in 2006, Kelis has developed a cookery and lifestyle TV show, a cookbook and even her own food truck
In 2003 it was her ‘milkshake’ but these days, it’s Kelis’ béarnaise bringing the boys to the yard. The R’n’B singer retrained as a saucier (yes, it’s a profession) in 2006 at America’s prestigious Le Cordon Bleu school, and has unleashed her culinary expertise on Saucy & Sweet, a food show on the Cooking Channel, as well as a new album, Food.
‘They’re both creative outlets but music is more analytical than cooking,’ she says. ‘Writing songs is very introspective and you have to think about who you are when doing it. A song lasts for ever; cooking is all about the present. Food is instant gratification.’
Her eponymous food truck made its debut at the SWSX festival in Austin this year. Kelis served up jerk ribs and shredded beef with wild cherry sauce sliders to promote her album. Food takes the idea that particular dishes conjure certain memories or feelings. ‘Cobbler’ is all sunny and sweet like the pudding, while ‘Biscuits ’n’ Gravy’ is rich and comforting.
‘I learned early on to respect food,’ she says. ‘My mum would make me Puerto Rican and Chinese dishes so I grew up with exotic tastes. I try to do the same with my son.’ Kelis had Knight, four, with the rapper Nas before they divorced in 2010.
Kelis went to a private school, encouraged by her father, a university professor. ‘When I was seven I used to complain about the school lunch,’ she recalls. ‘My mum said, “If you don’t like something, you change it.” So I made a petition and all the kids signed it. I got in big trouble with the principal but Mum totally backed me up.’
In London, Kelis loves steaks at Hawksmoor on Commercial Road and fine dining at Shoreditch’s Les Trois Garçons. ‘I’m definitely a carnivore,’ she says, but she describes her own cooking style as ‘harvesty’. ‘I like the juxtaposition of different flavours you wouldn’t normally put together.’ So what would she cook to impress us? ‘It would have to be my lasagne. I use chorizo and minced meat seasoned with onions, pepper and garlic and mixed with fresh tomatoes. Then I layer it with plaintain instead of lasagne sheets and before baking pour a heavy cream, egg and smoked cheese mixture over it. On the side I’d serve sweetcorn with a corn béchamel. Making it is kind of a process.’
Next up she’d like a lifestyle brand, something like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop: ‘I’d like to expand [on the idea] and make it a bit younger and more quirky and fun.’ LJ
Kelis’ single ‘Friday Fish Fry’ is out on 14 July ~Evening Standard Magazine~


Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 1.26.24 PM

Surfboard…With inspiration from the lyrics of Drunk In Love and Blow, Beyonce is now selling two t-shirts on Beyonce.com. One t-shirt features a little surfer hanging on the sleeves and the other t-shirt has cherries, in reference to the sensually seductive track “Blow.”  T-shirts are being sold for $40 on King Beys website listed above. Great price for designer t’s by Beyonce.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 1.26.43 PM


I must say, Nicki Minaj looks absolutely amazing. This is my favorite look thus far. Nicki has been making it do what it do with her new look for a while. I think she began her transformation after her ever so eccentric hair stylist, Terrence Davidson, resigned. She couldn’t get Marg Simpson wigs anymore so she opt to transform into the unsurprisingly stunning beauty always dressed in nothing but the best.


Dressed in a Dolce and Gabbana top and matching skirt Nicki accessorizes with black and chained accented Versace sandals. She is snatched to perfection, and I love it.

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Fast & Furious 6" - Arrivals

Amber Rose with a perfect angled/highlighted brow

Have you all seen the “new” brow shape that’s being worn by people now a days. These brows have a triangle shape and they are very attractive if done the right way, or you could look like a hot ass  mess if they aren’t done the right way. I for one like this new brow and have been wearing them for a while. I have took the liberty of doing another makeup tutorial, my second one, to show you fashionable beauties how to achieve and angled highlighted brow, the proper way.


Me aka Vandy aka Jenifer, Ms. Keep it Pretty with an angled highlighted brow.

Here are a few pics to show you what not to do when it comes to this type of brow…


PLEASE, I beg you, do not do this…if you like what I post and see some truth to my vision on beauty, fashion and style, the picture right above this paragraph is not cute, i’s  all wrong. Now, with that being said, if you like it, I don’t love it, but I will still respect you for doing it anyway, that means you have your own mind and you could care less what I think. Just keep in mind that its dead ass wrong. Any who, without further adieu, here is my new beauty tutorial to show you how to achieve an angled brow the right way.