The Benefits of CBD For Health and Fitness

Did you know that CBD for health and weight loss has so much to offer? People around the world are beginning to discover that the benefits of CBD are quite incredible. CBD is made from the same plant as marijuana, but it is completely non-THC, meaning that it has no effects on the body at all. Furthermore, the CBD is extracted from the same plant, yet has none of the harmful side-effects associated with ingesting THC. With so many different benefits of CBD, it is easy to see why CBD for health and weight loss is growing in popularity.

Many people argue against the use of CBD as an alternative to pharmaceuticals because it lacks the psychotropic (mind altering) properties of the cannabis plant. However, the CBD Lube does possess these same properties of the cannabis plant, yet is extracted from a completely different plant. Therefore, there is no difference when it comes to the psychoactive component of the plant. When CBD is used in conjunction with therapeutic grade cannabis, the end result can be the same as taking a recreational cannabis product, but without the worry about whether it will affect your ability to function. The difference is that CBD is extracted from the same plant, yet produces no psychoactivity whatsoever!

There are two major forms of CBD for healthcare and wellness. The first is CBD creme, which is extracted from CBD plants and marketed under several brand names. The second form of CBD is CBD oil, which is extracted from CBD plants as well, but has no other beneficial ingredients added to it. In short, CBD for healthcare is essentially pure CBD extract, with no other ingredients added. Therefore, consumers seeking a CBD alternative that also has little to no psychoactivity should consider CBD creme or CBD oil.

While CBD for medical purposes has been researched for some time, very little research has actually been conducted on CBD for consumer use. The United States federal government has not approved CBD for medical use, and in fact, the Drug Enforcement Administration has explicitly stated that it is “not considered medicine.” This leaves the consumer in a difficult position when it comes to choosing a CBD for healthcare alternative. Two primary sources of CBD for consumer consumption are edible products such as chocolate bars and energy drinks, as well as topical creams and gels. Both of these sources of CBD are derived from hemp plants, which are not technically part of the cannabis plant. However, hemp plants are widely recognized as having high levels of CBD, so it is likely that the two will match up.

One of the most exciting aspects of using CBD for medical purposes is the potential for using it to treat a wide variety of conditions and improve a number of health conditions as well. For example, while no long-term clinical research has yet been done comparing CBD with other prescription or nonprescription medications, there have been studies suggesting that CBD can help relieve the symptoms of nausea, seizures, chemotherapy, arthritis, depression, menopause, sleep apnea, and other serious disorders. Further, recent studies suggest that CBD may also help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and improve brain function. In addition, researchers have found that CBD may encourage good health by reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol.

While the health benefits of CBD are clearly numerous, the cost of CBD products is one of the things holding back the product from consumers. Because CBD cannot be purchased over the counter, most CBD for consumer purchase products are still in the development stages, with no guarantees regarding their efficacy or safety. Therefore, it may be some time before we see products that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of those seeking CBD for personal use, or CBD for medical use. However, CBD for fitness is starting to enter that market, and with better products along the way, the benefits of CBD for fitness will become more widespread and easier to quantify. As science continues to improve the reliability of its results, CBD may find a place in the fitness industry as well, making it easier than ever for consumers to reap the incredible health benefits of this phenomenal plant.

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