Smart Heating

I needed a solution for a very cold spare room which was normally not much warmer than outside temperatures. It’s not very easy to find something which would be enough for the room size but their 2000w version was. Contact with the owners was prompt and smooth they were very nice to deal with, they responded to my email the same day.

I’m very happy with the heat the radiators generate ,they are very well designed for efficiency and looks. I bought the Rio eco plus 1500 radiator, absolute lifesaver as I bought an old house that needed a complete new heating system, got through best part of the winter with this rad. Kicks out serious heat and keeps warm for ages after switch off or as part of a temp control.

Alternatively, if you want to upgrade your entire heating system, you can opt for hardwired installation. This will allow for more seamless integration into your home, giving a cleaner look to your radiators and freeing up plug socket space. Either way, you’ll be enjoying the comfortable warmth electric radiators have to offer in no time at all. Discover electric underfloor heating, designer electric radiators and a range of modern Smart heating technology to help you reduce bills and add value to your property. Working in conjunction with smart heating apps on your mobile device, it has never been easier to update and upgrade your heating and transform how you heat your home. Purchased the Rio Eco Plus radiators to replace my old storage heaters and it was the best thing I’ve done!

You can change the settings remotely You don’t have to go round your whole home changing each valve’s settings, if you want to heat rooms differently. You set the temperature in degrees celsiusThis is easier to use and more intuitive than the 0-5 scale on TRVs. Edison House Trading Ltd only offers credit products from Secure Trust Bank PLC trading as V12 Retail Finance. The fact that it was in the beautiful Spanish sunshine, had absolutely nothing to do with it!

I ordered my heater from Rio and I am over the moon with it. It’s stylish, economical and very modern with Bluetooth controls from my phone. I purchased a 2kw Rio Eco Plus, which arrived very quickly.

An increase in government spending on smart cities, and the emergence of the smart cities concept, together, lead to a surge in the construction of smart buildings. Consequently, increasing need for smart buildings is expected to increase the demand for energy saving infrastructure, such as smart home solutions. If you install your Hive Radiator Valve over the summer and your heating is off, it will start calibrating when you switch your heating on again. However, if you want to speed up the process, there’s a special calibration cycle available in the app that can do this for you. Hive Radiator Valves can be self-installed if you already have TRVs on your radiators. Simply unscrew your existing TRV head and replace it with a Hive Radiator Valve.

This allows you to only heat rooms when you expect to be using them. Your radiator valves can automatically turn the heating on when they need to in order to keep that special room warm, even when your Hive thermostat is set low. Radiators fitted with built-in thermostats allow you to manage your heating on an individual basis so that you can effectively create different heating zones throughout your property. For example, you might have the heating on for longer in your living room compared to other parts of your home. This way you don’t end up wasting energy heating unused spaces, which increases efficiency in your home and helps to trim down running costs.

Natural stone core radiators are specifically designed with highly compressed natural stone to create a denser heating core that can keep the radiator warmer for longer, even after the radiator is switched off. Formed using the earth’s tectonic pressure and volcanic heat, the stone core enhances and prolongs the heat created during the convection process, meaning it requires less energy than traditional heaters. Electric radiators for an efficient heating system that’s suitable for all rooms, even the kitchen or bathroom.

They can be programmed and controlled remotely through your smartphone, meaning you can control temperature of individual rooms. Pair them up with a smart thermostat and you can set up a heating schedule that runs completely by itself. Smart Radiators valves, sometimes called smart radiator thermostats, take your smart home heating to the next level. The Smart Panel electric radiators have all the good looks of a modern electric radiator coupled with advanced energy saving, rapid heat up times and affordability. Smart electric radiators can be controlled using WiFi or Bluetooth for quick and easy access to your heating that integrates into your daily routine with ease.

They are also easy to use and set up the timer using the app. I love the flexibility they offer and the fact they can be controlled remotely via my phone.The customer service I received from Rio Heating Ltd was second to none as well. We purchased a Rio eco heater for our living room a few weeks ago and it is an outstanding product whch was easy to install and very controllable with the added bonus of being able to control it via Alexa. It is our intention to replace all of our heaters with this product.

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