Our multi-disciplined approach involves proactive

Choose between a fixed-term contract option or pre-purchase your security with our flexible Hyperion Black Card service.

•Be aware of social engineering risk to telephonic and logical communications. •Consider sterile personal computer monitoring of groups, activists, etc., who would target an executive or their firm (e.g., Darfur, animal rights, eco-terrorists, or political activists focused on the company, etc.). ▪The threat is believed not to exist or is perceived to be at such a low level a program is not merited. Advisory and technology solutions, including policies and procedures, screening and due diligence, disclosures and reporting and investigations, value creation, and monitoring. End-to-end governance, advisory and monitorship solutions to detect, mitigate and remediate security, legal, compliance and regulatory risk. Cyber Risk Incident response, digital forensics, breach notification, managed detection services, penetration testing, cyber assessments and advisory.

Our multi-disciplined approach involves proactive threat assessment to neutralize problems before they occur. We clarify each aspect of our clients’ needs and coordinate with local law enforcement, agents, managers, promoters, and venue officials eliminating any surprises. Our clients are consistently pleased to find that our organizational prowess doesn’t get in the way or make their day overly cumbersome, but that it often makes things run more smoothly for them. We have been providing elite event security solutions to clients throughout North America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa since 2003. Our highly trained, low-profile bodyguards are qualified to work in high-risk and complex environments, and specialize in the protection of diplomats and commercial clients. Several members of our executive protection teams are former Canadian, French, US and UK Special Forces professionals.

Executive protection may also provide security for immediate and/or extended family members to prevent kidnapping and extortion. Executive Protection Services provides highly trained staff for any task we take on. Our human resources team can assess existing training and conduct any required training. Cultural sensitivity and defensive tactics are basic training requirements.

Despite these innovations and forward-looking companies, many people viewed the security industry as nothing more than night watchmen, even up to and through the 1960s. Over the next three decades, the use of security officers became more prevalent. Ironically, one reason for this may have been the development of security technology such as electronic access control and surveillance systems. For example, these technologies led to the establishment of security operations centers , which created a new function for protection professionals.

Duty of care is about helping others reach their goals safely , its a Service Industry and Travel Security Strategies is committed to this service as a security company. Our Executive Protection drivers have advanced driving skills and all vehicles carry first aid and safety equipment. Extremely professional security group, definitely recommended for hire, met a supervisor by the name of Solstad who definitely presented the company well, with supervisors like that, i would highly suggest contracting this company. Executive Protection Specialists can provide peace of mind to individuals and families that are traveling domestically and abroad.

Whether you are looking for a full-time bodyguard service or just reassurance that your guests will be taken care of at your next big event. Creative Security Company is a proud member of the San Jose and larger Bay Area community. If you reside in the San Francisco Bay Area, let’s collaborate today. •Pre-arrange strong relationships with local public safety officials.

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