OG Dota 2 team

Following this, he stated that it is impossible to beat S8UL Esports in terms of its fan base and legacy. Now the two-time TI winner is potentially back with the roster where he won most of his accolades. Last month, the Finn moved back to Europe, after moving to Malaysia at the start of 2022. He looks primed to continue right where he left off in competitive Dota 2. The pair of Topson and Noone will apparently join Johan “”N0tail”” Sundstein as the team unveils its second roster. Previously, multiple rumors about the OG second roster had surfaced with several angles.

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The team participated in The Frankfurt Major 2015 in November 2015 where it achieved victory sensationally, having defeated Team Secret in the final with a score of 3-1. Later that month, the team secured its success, having held first place at DreamLeague Season 4. Please contact your delegation coordinator to obtain an individual account . Later on Dec. 7, Arif “”MSS”” Anwar was also added to the new Old G roster.

The list may make some readers feel old so proceed with caution. July 25th – Ceb returns to the active roster while SumaiL is removed. November 19th – ana leaves the team and becomes the official substitute.

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After that, the team took part in a row of tournaments where it demonstrated confident results, however, OG’s apogee was the performance at The Kiev Major 2017. The final match against VP was one of the most spectacular matches of the year and it brought the fourth championship for OG. In such a way, OG became the first to win two Major tournaments in a row and the first team to achieve victory at 4 Major tournaments.

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