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It is, however, the addition of well-thought-out elements that brings it to life, transforming a house into a home and an office into a work haven. crown moldings and trims are such pieces that will subtly change the whole look of the room. Providing a smooth link between the wall and ceiling, and the wall and the floor, our exquisite trim pieces are just what you are looking for. In this case, the owner framed each element with stunning crown molding. The design is quite simple, so you have plenty of time to focus on each element inside, matching all colors and creating a relaxing atmosphere. If you have simply designed rooms, you can opt for a bold, dramatic look by adding more detailed crown moldings.

I was happy to see that the colors I saw on the computer screen matched the colors on the paper border extremely well. A thick polyurethane compound is used for manufacturing of crown molding. If you are painting the trim pieces, do this before installing them. It is easier and less exhausting to work from a waist level than from above at the ceiling level.

With the fairly recent advent of color-changing and programmable LED rope lights, popular use of crown molding has been its inclusion in home theaters. It also gives the impression of grander ceilings and larger spaces. Simpler designs are suitable for tiny houses since they do not overwhelm the space. Let us look at the types of wall moldings and how they can protect your walls.

The combination of contrasting colors, gold, and green, turn any home into a formal, luxurious masterpiece. This model is clean and smooth, keeping everything simple and bringing together all the other design elements. Taking a plain ceiling and giving it character is one of our specialties.

There are certainly a handful of common crown molding shapes that crop up in many homes, but you don’t have to stay limited to those. The ceiling and surrounding crown molding in this dining room show the stunning change in atmosphere that results from the right selection of details. We are professional carpenters and interior designers with over a decade of experience in the field. We specialize in taking your dream home and turning it into a vivid reality.

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