Best Baby Swaddle Blankets of 2023 that Babies and Parents Love

However, it’s worth noting that while this zip sack offers flexibility, it should not be used for babies who can roll over because it can restrict their range of motion. Also, zippers run the risk of catching on bare baby tummies, so this is best used over clothing. This zippered swaddle from Love to Dream is incredibly easy to use. With a two-way zipper that’s ideal for diaper changes, you just zip baby inside, and they’re good to go.

The transition into parenthood is wonderful, and Bloom’s founders believe you and your baby should move in style. As you transition from couplehood to parenthood, your family gains a new identity. Bloom’s products allow you to express that newfound identity in a modern, creative way.

The two-way zip means fast night nappy changes, even when you’re operating at half speed and the arm poppers are great for small babies. If your baby tends to escape from swaddling blankets, reading reviews from other parents with similarly active little ones can be incredibly helpful in finding a product that will work for your child. By reading these reviews, you can determine whether a specific blanket is likely effective for your baby or if you need to continue searching for a better match. This can save you time and frustration as you seek the best swaddle blankets for your little one. If you prefer a loose muslin swaddle blanket that you can work your miracle blanket swaddling skills with, even as your baby grows, Bloom Baby offers a great option. These come in a convenient two-pack and are made with organic, GOTS-certified cotton muslin.

In terms of how long you swaddle your baby when they haven’t started trying to roll over, you can swaddle your baby when you put them down for a nap, but you should monitor them frequently. A camera just over your baby’s crib, especially one that senses movement, can be a helpful tool to keep you connected to your baby while you move around throughout your home. Many full-term, healthy babies learn to sleep quite happily without one. To create this list, we reached out to new parents to learn what swaddle blankets and devices they found most useful over the course of their baby’s first few months. In fact, experts recommend only swaddling your baby when they are going to sleep. As noted above, it’s important to place your swaddled baby on their back when it’s time to sleep.

If you’re new to the idea, swaddling is the age-old practice of wrapping your baby up like a burrito to keep them cosy and calm. Your babies should be able to move their legs up and out instead of remaining confined, particularly if you swaddle for longer periods of time. Properly swaddling your baby is important to make sure the blanket doesn’t come loose. As you know, any loose blankets in your baby’s environment could pose a risk. Since babies feel super cozy and tucked in, they can rest more peacefully and for longer periods of time. This can be a super helpful tool for sleep-deprived parents to get a little extra shuteye as well.

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