What’s Poppington: Save and Slay On Your Wedding Day


I hear wedding bells in the air. Black love is near and on its way for a few lucky ladies and gents. One in particular hits home on a personal level and I can’t wait to walk down the aisle in my bridesmaid dress at my baby sisters wedding. I bet for a second you all thought it was me getting married. Ha!!! Not this time, maybe next year, well see where life takes my relationship.

Any who, what do you all think about having a luxury wedding on a budget. That’s not possible some may say, but I strongly disagree. There are several ways to save,and slay on your wedding day.

Tip #1 Choose any day except Saturday. By choosing a Friday or a Sunday your ruling out the crowd and going against the norm, so prices will be fairly lower then usual. Also keep in mind days like presidents day and other holidays where schools, banks and most businesses may be closed during a week day.

Tip #2 Think outside the box when it comes to arrangements. The wedding industry has became really chic over the years. Flower arrangements for decor is a bit old fashion now days and they can also be very pricey. Drapes, diamond and pearl accents, crystal ornaments and embellishments are all great ideas for cutting the cost of floral arrangements, but If floral is a must for you, think about ordering them wholesale. 


Tip #3 Think about gift cards. Instead of making your bridal registry the only option for gifts inform your wedding guest that you except gift cards as well. Think of something cute to say when sending your save the dates and notifying guest where to purchase gifts. If they don’t know you’ll except gift cards then you won’t get them.

“We thank you for excepting our invite to witness and celebrate our day of true love. For your convenience we are registered at Nordstrom and we are also excepting gift cards. Thank you for your love, and we can’t wait to share our life beginnings with you.” -Jenifer Vanderhorst-

Tip #4 Be particular with your guest list. I know that you want to invite the world to your special day, but lets be honest, everyone doesn’t want to see you get married and everyone you know shouldn’t be there. If you have to think twice about a person your inviting to your wedding then that lets you know that they do not need to be in attendance.


With these four tips I’m sure you will be well on your way to planning a beautiful wedding on a budget. If you think of more penny saving ways to have a luxury wedding leave a comment I would love to share your ideas.