What’s Poppington: Toy Story Vans Collection With Fashion Tips


Toy Story Vans

Malibu Dollface is one of my all time favorite YouTube vloggers. Every video he does is slayed and done to perfection. While searching online for the new Toy Story Vans I ran across his Toy Story Look book that features the new Vans, Forever 21, and JoyRich pieces. If you are a sneaker head and you love unique fashion this post is for you. So, press play and enjoy.


JoyRich Toy Story Collection

If you are interested in purchasing shoes from the Toy Story Van Collection I highly urge you to visit the Vans website. Most common sizes are sold out however, if you do a thorough search you may be able to find your size from other retailers online. If they are not available on the official Vans website try shopping on eBay for genitally used or untouched items. I ordered mine from an eBay seller. Good Luck!


Toy Story Woody Denims Purchased from Ebay Midi Legnth Camel Brown T shirt Dress – www.bellabrownplus.com

The Shoe Game: Vans + Hermes+ Robert Verdi

Parisian silk scarves and grubby slip-on sneakers are always exclusive, Having two in the same closet is always Poppington. A guy to always push the boudaries and throw out and pull in new fashion theories, Robert Verdi whos worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years. Showcasing an over the top variety of outfits and, and styling abundant number of people including Halle Berry. Nevertheless, not satisfied with his already emporium-worthy collection of shoes, he called in for a custom creation from Vans. Handing over his Hermes scarf collection as inspiration, behold a fantastic end product to fuel the concept of ‘opposites attract’. Both brands have worked to achieve respected places in the industry, albeit among contrasting consumers.

Whilst Hermes has been designing silk scarves for the luxury market since 1937 and tapping into Parisian couture with its luxury accessories, Vans emerged from the underground scene in 1966 California, catering for the masses with its skate-shoe classics. Whilst Hermes has famously graced the decolletes of Audrey Hepburn and her majesty Queen Elizabeth, Vans have been sported by the likes of Tony Hawk and Dave Grohl. The 66 style sneaker, with its rubber sole and canvas body is an icon in itself. A popular choice for men and women alike, it offers comfort, function and fashion. Providing much variety through the different prints, the custom collection includes delicate Japanese florals, regal chain-motifs and Alice in Wonderland style characters. Sadly, the shoes aren’t going to be mass-produced, they’re merely for Verdi’s personal collection. Nevertheless, we’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed that the custom project inspired ol’Hermes to pick up the phone.

Source: Fashionising.com