Whats Poppington: Rihanna in Esquire

No surprise to me, my favorite sexy Barbadian Rihanna is on the cover of another magazine selling that amazing sex appeal that shes famously known for. Shot by the controversial Terry Richardson again for the second time in a month, Rihanna is covering Esquire in a a military get-up, blonde locks, a very little to the imagination cut out bra and just raw sex appeal….im starting to think, do blondes really have more fun? Esquire UK’s July 2012 issue, topless, with a headline that states, ‘Rihanna Will Not Be Censored’…….hmmm 🙂

Whats Poppington: Rihanna’s “You da one” Video Fashion

Rihanna does it again with her amazing “cant touch this” fashion choices. In her latest video “you da one” she is giving us avant garde gone street. I love the black and white fashion in this video, its very chic, very wearable…except the fishnet suit….well if your lady gaga, and those Balenciaga shoes shes been wearing is starting to grow on me. The video is very similar to photographer Solve Sundsbo. He’s known for his shadows and manipulated lights.

Whats Poppington: Rihanna sexy, relaxed vaca (photo album)

Rihanna Vacas during her short/long time break, and opportunity to work on her new material “talk that talk” album with the first single “we found love”. So the vacation spot was on the Italian riviera, South of France and a few other places, but I wasnt able to find out exactly where, Rihanna, and few of her very close friends, stylist, body guard, PR, private photographer etc etc. What I admire the most about these photos is she is actually having fun like a normal person. She wore no makeup besides a little Russian Red Lipstick *MAC* which is her favorite…and she looks amazing, check out the pics, and a very special Nip pic in there somewhere. I love you Rihanna

Living the Dream

Source: Rihanna Navy

Whats Poppington: Rihanna “we found love” video

Theres only certain videos that make me watch it over and over and over, and I get this certain relationship with it, as if it was made for me. In RiRi’s latest video ‘ We found Love’ feat Calvin Harris, she takes us on this fashionable love hate relationship with a guy that looks similar to Chris Brown, the video shows what its like to have two dysfunctional love birds trying to make it happen, but in the end, its just not worth it, and you eventually have to move on , the fashion is phenomenal, the pinup hair dos, the rockabilly punkish theme studded clothing, I love it all