What’s Poppington: Myles Loftin’s “HOODED” Project


We all know that ideas without action stay ideas and Myles Loftin has come to show that he understands that concept as well.

Myles Loftin is a 19 year old photographer who’s taking action to change the stereotypical depiction of black males.Image result for myles loftin

His recent project, HOODED, tackles the importance of positive representation, while providing a perfect example of said positive representation.

Loftin focuses on the association of the hoodie worn on black males. In contemporary American society, the hoodie is a clothing garment that seems to automatically assume a threat if on the body of a black male (see: Trayvon Martin).  Loftin seeks to take back the meaning of the hoodie through a stark contrast of the “dark, scary thug” label and that contrast is bright colors and happy young black males

Thug where?

I noticed that beyond targeting the “thug” stereotype, HOODED also challenges the widespread belief that men who show any kind of femininity or emotion are gay and that being gay is terrible. I can think of about ten people off the top of my head who would automatically say these photos are “gay”. The smiles on the models’ faces are expressions of pure, unadulterated joy not held back by anyone’s definition. Those smiles show that you truly can be whatever the hell you want, that you are defined by your own self-expression.

HOODED seeks to reaffirm that black males should be able to make unsupervised fashion choices without being labeled as something negative.

Don’t sleep on our generation.

Charleston Hot Spots: Kulture Klash in Charleston, SC


Kulture Klash is a bi-annual arts festival in Charleston, SC put on every Spring and Fall. Their goal is to bring a new vision for local art, dance and music by combining traditional/conservative forms of display with more contemporary/modern designs to complete the thought of our theme “Kulture Klash”. They seek out the most interesting local and regional artists, mesmerizing dancers and body shaking musicians that they can find to bring something unexpected and unforgettable to the Holy City. The crowd consist of many many different diverse ages and “kultures” children, grand parents and everyone combines into one melting pot. Majority of the people that attend this festival are eco-friendly and always looking for a fresh approach to art, as well as seeing new things, meeting new people, and being themselves in this conservative southern town. Kulture Klash is like nothing in Charleston, some would describe it as a big city blow out in a small city scene, as many artist that can be found to represent the emerging and morphing styles and “kulture” that consist on the south east and beyond. dance troups, Brazilian percussionists, aerial acrobats, pro skaters, live painting & graffiti, belly dancers, hoola hoop girls and so so much more. Kulture Klash starts Saturday, April 9th located Noisette at the Navy Yard, 10 Storehouse Row in North Charleston tickets: $15 in advance at eventbrite.com and $20 on the day of the event or at the door. You can find more photos at www.BadJon.com