Whats Poppington: Kate Moss and Rihanna V Magazine


If you ever wanted to know what it may be like to see Katien Moss and Rihanna in girl on girl action well you don’t have to wounder anymore. V Magazine has a fashion spread that captures the very essence of bondage and implied sex, with fashion of course between the supermodel Kate Moss and the mega pop star Rihanna.

Mario Testino  had a front-row seat to their girlish antics, and when the photographer asked Rihanna when they could schedule a shoot, Moss was keen to participate. “Kate overheard us talking and she said, ‘I want to do it with you!’ Again, I was like, Are you fucking kidding me?” says Rihanna with a laugh. “I was dying on the inside. All my fantasies were coming true all at once: Mario, V, Kate Moss. I was like, This is an amazing threesome!”

Rihanna says of Moss. The concept of playing with each other using masculine and feminine identities evolved organically, she says, and then, naturally, at the end, they got naked. “And that was the best shot,” Rihanna laughs. “Take her top off and put that b-tch in my lap!”

Rihanna-and-Kate-Moss-V-Magazine Rihanna-and-Kate-Moss-V-Magazine-3 Rihanna-and-Kate-Moss-V-Magazine-5Rihanna-and-Kate-Moss-V-Magazine-7

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Whats Poppington: Burberry’s new ‘Eye Bright’ sunglasses


Bright Day for Burberry–Select model Jacob Young joins Cara Delevingne once more for Burberry’s latest campaign photographed by Mario Testino. Wearing Burberry Brights, the duo don the label’s spring eyewear lineup, paired with Burberry Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey’s modern take on the brand’s iconic trench…..I want!!


Whats Poppington: Anna Wintour on the cover of WSJ


She’s more famous for having order a cover shoot for Mario testino rather than being on the front cover for one of his works, but shes made the April 2011 issue for Wall Street Journal Magazine. She’s profiled in her signature look, perfectly bangs swept over her brows, and a mod neck-length bob. If you’ve seen THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA (by the way, shes wearing prada on the cover) you already know that Anna is a powerful lady when it comes to making things happen so stay tuned.