Whats Poppington: Smurfette in Designer Lables

When I was young watching the smurfs was one of the highlights of my day, and for some reason I always anticipated seeing Smurfette. Just now after all these years, and well into my adult life I’ve figured out the reason why Smurfette and I had such a connection. It’s because she’s highly fashionable and such a designer lable diva. 
Beret, $685, gloves, $400, fur bag, $4,695, socks, and shoes, $895, Marc Jacobs. 212-343-1490.
Hat, $1,720, gloves, $790, cuff, $1,495, necklace, $1,485, and shoes, $1,345, Lanvin. 646-439-0380.
Bag, $995, hat, $425, earrings, $225, cuff, $225, and pumps, $575, Dolce & Gabbana. 877-70-DGUSA. Socks, stylist’s own.
Hat, $1,230, bag, by special order, and boots, $940, Louis Vuitton. 866-VUITTON. Still photography: Jeffrey Westbrook. Special thanks to Sony Pictures Animation.

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All Sources and Pictures from Bazaar

Whats Poppington: Coco Rocha: Sunday Telegraph S/S ’11


The leather harness use to be a fetish, or S&M morph style, but these days its becoming the accessory for sophisticated luxury. Its pushing boundaries, but the today’s lady is wearing it a totally differente way. No studs, safety pins, spikes, or chains, instead its very small and minimal. For example, check out the way Coco Rocha is wearing this leather Lanvin harness worn over a red gabardine Hermes suit.


What’s Poppington: Lanvin Mens 2011

At Lanvin, the catwalk was a ­carpet of deep burgundy swirls and the ­models walked like the clappers. Here, it was a tale of two trousers: super-lean and short, occasionally with zippers at the back, versus styles cut in billowing ripples of fabric, running from thigh to ankle. In this show, the wide trousers worked best teamed with a sharply tailored jacket, while at Dior, success came with a turnup, which somehow anchored the fluidity of the fabric.

What’s poppington: Lanvin S/S 11

Quinton Molanzi