Whats Poppington: Isabeli Fontana pays homage to Linda Evangelista Vogue Italia 1989 Cubana Editorial

So if Vogue Paris going in on a directional change? or are they just giving props to the legends that created this thing called “superfashion”? Apparently this has been the question on everyones pouted lips since Emmanuelle Alt replaced Carine Roitfeld as the editor and chief of the print media title. Every issue that Alt has issued has so far been an dejavu moment from the past, and everyone is noticing the latest move from the magazine’s June / July 2011 issue. While the usual feedback on everything from the cover to the editorial will be posted across the webosphere, it seems most pertinent to take a look at one of the issue’s lead photo shoots, one that Alt both oversaw as editor-in-chief and personally styled, in order to answer the question of whether or not Vogue Paris is moving backwards.

Starring Isabeli Fontana with a cropped hairstyle reminiscent of a young in a Sophia Loren, a quick social media search will show you that it didn’t take long for readers of the issue to draw comparisons between this shoot and others which have come before it, particularly 1989’s Cuba pictorial featuring Linda Evangelista and lensed by Steven Meisel. So the Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott-photographed shoot isn’t exactly original. Thus there are two questions raised: first, is the photo shoot, none the less, any good? And secondly, does the lack of outright originality matter? Me personally? I think this is just a way of appreciation, the New super “it” models are just showing their respects, and I dont find anything wrong with this……..and the look is very Poppington

Whats Poppington: Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani’s advice for bloggers



In our “new world” of social media and bloggers(like myself) and some magazines are still struggling to find their places online (like myself) The different changes of the digital age is a challenge between publishing houses, editors and fashion lines, but also an oppurtunity for the ones that are still willing to experiment and embrace the new way to communicate with the fashion consumer. Case in point, Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani, whos known for her popular cultural trends early on. As fashion puplishing evolves, so does the role of editors, with post, daily blogs, and twittering updates..ugh lol. But Sozzani herself has found new ways to connect with her audience and increasing a inspiring and influential global brand. In the 25 years since she started as a editor in chief Sozzani has the “birds eye view” of the changing in the industry. With her unique perspective and commitment to evolve, her insight on fashion is still invaluable.


She writes on her blog everday, in a recent interview from Models.com she was ask what was the catylyst for starting and she said “When we started the website, I was sure that we could find a distinct language for the web, which was not the same as the magazine. What is the In a monthly magazine, you have time to think about the images, to figure out how to make the layouts, and all of that. The web is exactly the opposite: it’s quick and it has to be out. I thought that if I were to do a blog, I would again take the responsibility for developing a voice, as I did with creating the visual language for the magazine. I thought I could make it about more than just fashion—it could be about television, news, scandal—but I would take responsibility for what I say on it. I don’t want to destroy the image of anyone, and I always try to stand by what I say. As a result of my work with fashion and photography, I have credibility with a certain audience, and I can use that to branch out into different subjects. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get attacked from time to time, but on a blog, you can have a dialogue with your critics. I think it’s very important to take responsibility for what you say. Whenever you do something publically, you will have critics— when I started at Vogue, people were always saying things. I like the opportunity to have dialogue, but first I have to expose myself and take the risk. It can be very tiring—I write six days a week. But the site has been successful, with over one million unique hits this month alone. It’s been great.”


So bloggers out there, do not stop doing what your doing, Im totally new to this whole idea or concept and its a great feeling when you get an email, or a very positive response to an article/ post. It makes you feel great and positive when creating your image or idea for the cyber world :)- Quinton Molanzi

Whats Poppington: Model Shaun Ross


So ever since Katy Perry’s new E.T music video featuring Kanye West, i’ve been hearing alot about the “albino guy”. His name is Shaun Ross, Confidence is this model’s middle name! Shaun has walked the runway for the late Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, and Odyn Vovk (his favorite designer), and has shot editorial campaigns for British GQ, Vogue Italia, and Paper Magazine. Originally from New York City, Shaun began modeling at the age of sixteen. His transition into the fashion industry came after five years of dancing with the Alvin Ailey American Theater Company. He began his career with Djamee Models in New York City, who represented him for a year and a half, and is now signed with Nathalie Agency in Paris, France, where he currently resides.


The road to Shaun’s success in fashion has not always been receptively positive and he has encountered negative feedback because of his albinism, a look that might not appeal to all clients. “I was told that I may never do certain campaigns, editorials, etc., because I am not ‘consumer’ enough. Meaning that I am not your every day person who walks the street,” he says. “Mostly everyone in fashion cares about making money,” Shaun adds. Shaun has begun to build a portfolio that shows that he can pretty much do it all. His natural unique look is adorned with the black sunglasses he sports everywhere he goes, and his signature “normal-sized” — as he calls it — blonde flat top haircut. “The one gift I can say about my look is that just about anything looks good on me, [a quality] that most models don’t have,” he confidently assures. Dont forget to check him out in Katy Perrys E.T music video.

Katy Perry E.T feat Kanye West and Model Shaun Ross


What’s Poppington:”Black Allure”

As much as I would like to talk about this amazington  Black Italia Vogue spread for February 2011, I have to keep it very simple, because I can go on and on about this, the colors, the models, the wardrobe, hair, makeup styling, lighting, ugh its all poppington!! 

Vogue Italia has dedicated an entire spread to models of color entitled “The Black Allure” in the February 2011 issue. It features models Ajak Deng, Aminata Niaria, Arlenis Sosa, Chanel Iman, Georgie Badiel, Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn, Kinee Diouf, Lais Ribeiro, Melodie Monrose, Rose Cordero and  Sessilee Lopez.

Shot by Emma Summerton and styled by uber-talent Edward Enninful, the shoot channels the Harlem Renaissance with all its elegance, decadence and sultry sophistication. In moody, dim lighting, the models showcase the best of the Spring 2011 collections including Marc Jacobs and Versace. Hair is in sensual finger waves and accessories include brilliant, glamorous jewels, elaborate turbans, wine glasses and of course, dangling cigarettes.

Take a look at photos below via Z Fashion Blog:

Oh and also heres behind the scenes footage of this amazing shoot