Whats Poppington: Atsuko Kudo aka the ‘Latex Queen’

Lately it seems like every magazine that I’ve been browsing through, I would notice this hot celeb chic or model in these over the top flamboyantly colored latex dresses, or stockings….at first I was like “hmm maybe a really cool underground designer is trying to put his name out there”….I started seeing Lady gaga, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Grace Jones, Beyonce all wearing these sexy S&M inspired hosiery, bras, or leggings. Atsuko Kudo is a Japanese designer, they offer a selection of very high quality, dresses, lingerie, corsets, hats and accessories all lovingly hand made in latex! You can choose from any combination of colours and trims you want plus and their unique range of lace and leopard prints. to check out more of these amazing designers work go to —> http://www.atsukokudo.com