What’s Poppington: 10 Black Owned Fashion Companies To Shop

If you haven’t been watching the news lately or surfing informative content on the web, then you may have missed H&M’s little apology in regards to their marketing/advertising and who they feel delivers a more positive message: H&M apologized last week for a comment on Twitter that said white models portray a more “positive image” for the brand,according to Eyewitness News.

In light of H&M getting exposed (and many others will follow) I felt that it was most necessary to provide my dear readers my top ten list of black owned fashion companies to shop. I picked ten companies to feature that has an array of selections in the fashion arena. if you don’t like my selections please feel free to pick your own and spend your money with a smile and pride while knowing that your not being viewed as a negative influence.

Bôhten’s mission is to establish an eyewear manufacturing supply chain on the African Continent. Through this we inspire to change the face of Africa with a vision that advocates education, sustainable employment, social responsibility and environmental awareness in fashion globally. -Bohten-

Bohten is high quality online shopping from the mother land its self. If you like the finer things in life and like being asked that ego stroking question, “where did you get that”,  exclusive eye wear shopping is one click away. Bohten.com


Established in 2011, CanDid Art Accessories is inspired infinitely by research and affinity with African visual culture, indigenous design vernacular, and cosmic geometry.  Each piece is handcrafted and is created for the fearless fashion enthusiast who desires to make a statement without saying a word. CanDid Art designs are known for their use of various chains, assortment of metals, semi-precious stones and recycled materials. -Candid Art-

Candid Art has sensual body jewelry and accessories made by hand and obviously designed with taste as well as technique. These statement pieces should be added to your collection. Don’t wait shop now. Candid Art


Fly Jane is one of my all time favorite online retailers to shop from. Can you say fashion, fashion, fashion! While typing that I was smiling the whole time. So imagine how elated I was to find out that they are black owned. Do not wait on this one guys, check out what they have immediately. Fly Jane

The top three companies are my three favorite picks out of the ten. I’m more then sure you will find your top three or maybe you will fall in love with them all. Enjoy shopping for your new black owned fashion company to support. This list will help you on your journey.


Orchids and Spice


Allusions By A. Lekay




Endless Couture


Rachel Stewart


Threads by Dreads


Rue 107



Whats Poppington: H&M fall mens and womens look

Come cool weather, shoppers can expect to find all their favorite trends from the Fall 2012 runways at H&M. Boxy coats, colorblock bags, metallic-thread separates, and printed pants are fully represented, and there’s even a heavy helping of bejeweled skirts, dresses, and accessories for extra (glittery) fun. Check it out below .

Whats Poppington: MORE of that Versace for H&M Mens tease

Bo Brinkenfalk reunites with Agent 46′s Lucas for an editorial in Dress to Kill H&M and Versace’s collection as the main course. This has be one of the best H&M mens collaborations. For one its Versace, and two, its getting so much press, and recognition, I love it.

Keep it Pretty: Versace for H&M

Rock n roll with glittery studded leather or Japanese floral that’s cut from six different prints screams vintage Versace for sure. Model Abbey is wearing a Versace medallion belt that is inspired by the watch she wears undoubtedly compliments this Asian inspired ensemble

Can’t wait to see more of  lookbook, which will be launched in store and online on November 17th along with Donatella’s promise to deliver studded leather pieces and we all know it’s going to be as big as other collaboration, such as Missoni for Targetor Karl Lagerfeld for Macys.

Whats Poppington:Penn Badgley for H&M’s Star-Studded Fashion Against AIDS Collection Campaign


Join the Fight–Actor Penn Badgley joins H&M’s latest campaign for their new Fashion Against AIDS Collection. Teaming up with artists and Designers Against AIDS (DAA) to help raise awareness for safe sex and AIDS/HIV prevention, this year’s collection features a unisex lineup of tees, which will be available in H&M’s Divided department, beginning on April 26, 2011. Twenty-five percent of sales will be donated to Designers Against AIDS and other HIV/AIDS prevention projects worldwide.