Whats Poppington: Beyonce vs Rihanna GreatEclectic mixtape

With Beyonce & Rihanna it seems it’s one or the other. Now you can have them both with this GreatEclectic presented mixtape of mash ups of the singers songs. Listen and download the mixtape below. Its a hot collab, best of both worlds, Bey slays while Rihanna executes these tracks, a alot of the older stuff, but oldies are always goodies…its Poppington. Heres a list of the tracks below

1. Intro
2. Get Me Rude Boy (GreatEclectic Mash Up)
3. Sweet Disturbia (DJ Ralph Mash Up)
4. Hard Ego (ElDirrtyProductions Mix)
5. Interlude
6. Shut Up and Freakum (GreatEclectic Mash Up)
7. Sweet Fire Bomb (GreatEclectic Mash Up)
8. Rude Kitty Kat (GreatEclectic Mash Up)
9. Interlude
10. Crazy in Music (GreatEclectic Mash Up)
11. I’m a Diva (GreatEclectic Mix)
12. Upgrade U Hard (GreatEclectic Mash Up)
13. Interlude
14. Russian Halo 1 (GreatEclectic Mash Up)
16. Russian Halo 1 (GreatEclectic Mash Up)

Whats Poppington: GreatEclectic’s Debut Solo Show Opens April 14 at Studio 900


Kendrick Daye aka GREATECLECTIC is an artist and designer living and working in Atlanta, GA. His work has appeared in The NY Times Magazine, Creative Loafing, Ebony Magazine, Upscale Magazine and Art Nouveau a quarterly art and culture magazine he owns and edits. In 2009, his duo exhibition with artist Corinne Stevie “Extraordinary Machine,” was voted best art exhibit in a gallery by the readers of Creative Loafing.