Whats Poppington: Dolce & Gabbana cover Numero Homme China

Reach­ing East–Beloved Dolce & Gab­bana design­ers Domenico Dolce and Ste­fano Gab­bana cover the lat­est issue of Numéro Homme China, pho­tographed by Tiziano Magni. At the cen­ter of a strap­ping boy’s fest, the cre­ative duo are cap­tured along Elbio Bon­saglio (Élite Milano), Nicolo Nov­elli (IM Stu­dio), Paolo Roldan (WhyNot), Ser­gio Caz­zaniga (Élite Milano), Simone Bredar­iol (d’men) as well as Vini­cius S. (Urban) and styled by Joseph Carle.

Whats Poppington: Nicki Minaj does Glamour Magazine

Its looks as though Miss. Minaj could be getting closer and closer to a Vogue spread, shes featured in the new Glamour magazine. She’s in Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford, Christian Louboutin, and Giuseppe Zanotti. She also reveals how shes obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, ‘mostly for her facial expressions’, and that she’s very low-key when she’s not dressing up in Barbie get up.

Whats Poppington: Through the lens of Julian Schratter

With his insider perspective and a clean keen eye for a fashion moment no one captures the energy backstage quite like Julian Schratter. Take a look at his dynamic shots from Milan, from Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, to Vivienne Westwood. His shots were raw, un edited in your face, they looked very simple, but dynamic, just like a group of guys after a soccer game but with cigarettes…..Very Poppington

Photos: http://throughjuleslens.blogspot.com

Whats Poppington: Smurfette in Designer Lables

When I was young watching the smurfs was one of the highlights of my day, and for some reason I always anticipated seeing Smurfette. Just now after all these years, and well into my adult life I’ve figured out the reason why Smurfette and I had such a connection. It’s because she’s highly fashionable and such a designer lable diva. 
Beret, $685, gloves, $400, fur bag, $4,695, socks, and shoes, $895, Marc Jacobs. 212-343-1490.
Hat, $1,720, gloves, $790, cuff, $1,495, necklace, $1,485, and shoes, $1,345, Lanvin. 646-439-0380.
Bag, $995, hat, $425, earrings, $225, cuff, $225, and pumps, $575, Dolce & Gabbana. 877-70-DGUSA. Socks, stylist’s own.
Hat, $1,230, bag, by special order, and boots, $940, Louis Vuitton. 866-VUITTON. Still photography: Jeffrey Westbrook. Special thanks to Sony Pictures Animation.

And for a sneak peek of the upcoming Smurfs movie, check out the Bazaar Report.

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All Sources and Pictures from Bazaar

Whats Poppington: Milan Fashion Week Spring 2012: Day 1(Men)

In an game of dark and light or day in night, The first round of shows kinda have that approach on whats going to be..should I say “Poppington” for spring. Although its spring, the mood is very dark and the fabrics are very light. Costume National Homme had some glitter and, and little weird creepy twist, but in a good way, Jil Sander took approach to the cold reptile, while Corniliani had more of a monochromatic love game that was made for any guy traveling or going to visit a desert anytime soon. Burberry Prorsum went for bold and colors and prints, but with always a rockers edge, classy rocker guy, John Varvatos played the layer game. Going to the ocean? or stepping into the future? Dolce & Gabbana netted around , Ermenegildo Zegna kept the season sleek and reserved. Finally, Neil Barrett answered the call of the rebel with a wonderful exercise in suiting, featuring a provocative cut and Roberto Cavalli served a grand helping of luxury in standout spring hues. I love the collections, it was very soft but yet very masculine….and theres nothing like soft and hardcore combined into one.

Ermenegildo Zegna

John Varvatos

Jil Sander

Costume Natiomal


Neil Barrett

Dolce & Gabbana

Roberto Cavalli

Burberry Prorsum

Source: Fashionisto.com

What’s Poppington: Dolce & Gabbana Genderbends for autumn/winter 2011





What’s Poppington:It’s GUCCI!!….or McM or Fendi

My favorite saying “sometimes the old can outnumber the new” and with clothing, it’s very true, these timeless classic pieces below are the perfect accessory to put into your latest wardrobe to find these specialty items just check out www.dfamevintage.com