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Whats Poppington: Tattee Boy Clothes, by James Tate


So a couple of nights ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, and I couldnt notice a pair of Harem Pants one of my friends were wearing. I kept analyzing them, trying to discover “who makes these pants? or atleast where could I get them?” What intrigued me the most was the fact that I was never into the Harem Pant trend for men, EVER, I admired how they looked on other people, but it wasnt for me. After doing research and pretty much IG Stalking my friend to notice he actually had a #Hashtag to where to find them. I late found myself up at 4am scrolling through a website by the name of TatteeBoy.com. What I admired the most about these clothes were that they were slim fit, a very nice silhouette for a guy, and lets face it, when your a skinny skinny guy, its really hard to find that perfect fit at times 🙂



TatteeBoy Clothes is a Philadelphia based online store that sells European and Eastern fashions and styles. Right now, we only sell men’s and unisex clothing but will be looking to expand to women and kids.James is the owner/CEO of the company. He does all the buying and selecting of the clothes from designers that is then put in the TatteeBoy Collection. They buy all of the clothing from various designers and manufacturers in Europe, Japan, Korea, and other fashion hot spots, then they put the collection together. Why should we buy TatteeBoy and not try and buy directly from manufacturers? Buying direct from manufacturers is not as easy as you may think. Most companies require memberships and a minimum for bulk orders. Plus many sites are in foreign languages and can be difficult to navigate. Then, there’s the aspect of trade scam sites and the risk of sending your money to Asia in hopes of getting back a viable product. The customer service reps usually speak broken English as well. To check out more of James Tate and his work, look him up on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TatteeBoy