Whats Poppington: Hot Celebrity Looks

Rihanna rocks a Rag & Bone Leather Sleeve Denim Jacket available exclusively at Intermix.

Cassie wearing Kokon to Zai on 106&Park

Cassie’s look is a little different. Hers has been altered to have more sex appeal. I like.

CiCi is wearing a flag cardigan by Unconditional showing her American pride.


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Whats Poppington: Cassie in Nylon magazine

Straight from her Vibe Magazine shoot, Cassie is also featured in Nylon Magazine this month. Inside, she talks her new album, whether she sees herself as a model or musician, and why she cut her hair. I never hear alot about Cassie as an artist, I think she is a beautiful girl…I guess thats why Diddy or “swag” keeps her around

Tell us about your new album

It’s a cool blend of pop, hip-hop, and ska. It’s urban Gwen Stefani meets Aaliyah. I hate referencing people but if you had to compare, that’s it.

What’s your favorite track on the new album?

“Lonely Disco Ball,” which is about the end of the night when the party is done and everybody has left.

How did you transition from model to musician?

I started modeling at the age of 12. Then I moved to New York City when I where I met Ryan Leslie through friends and started recording. We did three demos and one of them was “Me and U.” At the time Myspace was booming and the song took off. Then it was number one and it stayed there for six weeks.

Do you consider yourself a model or musician?

Musician because I love being creative and letting myself be emotional in that moment.

What promoted you to shave the side of your head?

It was time for a change and I never do anything crazy to my hair.

What did your mom say?

I was worried about what she would think but then she said, “OMG!..I get to see your pretty face”

Source: NecoleBitchie.com

Whats Poppington: Solange, Cassie & Selita Ebanks Attend Carol’s Daughter Launch Event

Carol’s Daughter & Founder Lisa Price held an event at Sephora in New York last night in celebration of the launch of the new hair product Monoi. The line of products include a shampoo, conditioner, and mask that strengthens and repairs hair, reducing breakage by an estimated 95% The affair was a colorful occasion with spokesmodels Solange Knowles, Cassie, and Selita Ebanks in attendance as well as Steve Stoute, Mary J. Blige, Adrienne Bailon, and Janice Combs.

Whats Poppington:Selita Ebanks, Solange Knowles & Cassie Are The New Faces Of Carol’s Daughter



Carol’s Daughter, the acclaimed hair and skin care line that has been praised by it’s high quality of natural products, has partnered with singers Solange Knowles and Cassie, along with model Selita Ebanks, to create a new, multiracial ad campaign in hopes of reflecting the demographic shift that the U.S. Census numbers have shown.

Steve Stoute, the lead investor and chairman of Carol’s Daughter, explains that Lisa Price, the founder of the brand, has always have an all-inclusion vision.

“What we’re doing now is moving into a polyethnic space. We want to be the first beauty brand that truly captures the beauty of the tapestry of skin types in America. When I say polyethnic, I mean women who are made up of several ethnicities. If you ask them what they are, they’re going to use a lot of different words to describe themselves. That’s in line with the Census data coming out — people are checking much more than two boxes. We believe we’ve put together a shoot that celebrates many different ethnicities, to become a mirror of what America’s really becoming.[…]“They will serve as cultural ambassadors in bringing forth this acceptance that the definition of beauty is now colorless. There are no longer boxes of white, black, Latina, Asian. More and more women are checking the other box, they share the vision and embody the messaging in their attitude, appearance, projects and core values.”