Pleasing to the mind or aesthetic taste. Pleasing or attractive to the eye, as by delicacy or gracefulness and a pleasing vision without grandeur. These two statements simply mean “Pretty”. In this case pretty is applied to the concept of fashion and art. “Pretty” is used to describe art at its best collaborated with entertainment, lifestyle and urban culture.


Amazing, incredible, extraordinary, but to the maximum level is to be “Poppington.” an illustration of word play for a state of being is “Poppington.” To define an ensemble hand crafted with a fashionable flare and a timeless view is “Pop-ping-ton.” A cultured lifestyle that goes against the grain, or enjoying B Smith’s on Sag Harbor is Poppington.

Putting these two terms together, Pretty-N-Poppington, to showcase urban culture, entertainment and lifestyle, in every form imaginable is pleasing to the mind, soul and simply extraordinary.