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I am now giving opportunities for the ever so talented men and women of my city, Charleston SC, and other areas as well a fantastic media outlet that will expose them to the masses. If you are interested in online media exposure and your a  #musicalartist#designer#stylist#fashionculturebusinessowner,or anyone that would relate to #fashion#urbanculture, and/or #beauty inbox Jenifer Vanderhorst on FB for your opportunity to be seen and herd by 30,000, yes 30k individuals that are reached by PnP across the world monthly.

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Keep it Pretty: Get The New Brow Like Amber Rose or Jenifer aka Ms. Keep it Pretty

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Fast & Furious 6" - Arrivals

Amber Rose with a perfect angled/highlighted brow

Have you all seen the “new” brow shape that’s being worn by people now a days. These brows have a triangle shape and they are very attractive if done the right way, or you could look like a hot ass  mess if they aren’t done the right way. I for one like this new brow and have been wearing them for a while. I have took the liberty of doing another makeup tutorial, my second one, to show you fashionable beauties how to achieve and angled highlighted brow, the proper way.


Me aka Vandy aka Jenifer, Ms. Keep it Pretty with an angled highlighted brow.

Here are a few pics to show you what not to do when it comes to this type of brow…


PLEASE, I beg you, do not do this…if you like what I post and see some truth to my vision on beauty, fashion and style, the picture right above this paragraph is not cute, i’s  all wrong. Now, with that being said, if you like it, I don’t love it, but I will still respect you for doing it anyway, that means you have your own mind and you could care less what I think. Just keep in mind that its dead ass wrong. Any who, without further adieu, here is my new beauty tutorial to show you how to achieve an angled brow the right way.


Keep it Pretty: Dark Skin and Pink Lips

IMG_20140406_135020I went out this weekend to an all white party, Charleston Wears White III, very sophisticated event. I wore an all white peplum dress by Guess. It was the Scuba and Mesh Mix Peplum Dress in True White. I accessorized with gold hoop earrings with long gold tassels that accented the earrings. My shoes were also white and they came from Guess as well.  I was prepared for my outfit , but I had absolutely no idea how I was going to do my makeup. Below are pictures and my first tutorial of my look.


First I started off playing with colors. I decided to do a pink lip because I love pink lips against my dark brown skin. All of these colors would have worked well because they’re in the cool color family opposed to the warmer color pinks. To make that statement simple, that means all the pinks that I selected complements my skin because they are in the blue family, not colors close to fire cracker red. Needless to say I was indecisive and I chose a totally different color then the swatches above.


I chose this color combo, Lorac frosted pink and Liquid Lip color by Mary Kay

After selecting my lip color I was more than satisfied with it . I paired it with a very soft smokey cat eye and a smile.


After everything was said and done I went out had a blast, (two party’s in one night) came home took the picture above and made my first makeup tutorial, With my cellie…at 2:30 am. Most people would go to bed. I’m a weirdo so I did a makeup tutorial instead. Enjoy 😉

Keep it Pretty: Makeup, I Love Makeup…


So I was doing my makeup this morning at my job and when I got finished I said to myself, “self your face is beat to perfection, she looked back at me in the mirror and said, “girl did you forget, this is what you do.” I thought to myself, “oh yea, I am a makeup artist, and this is what I do for a living.” I LOVE DOING MAKEUP and soon you all will get to see me shopping, beating faces to perfection and showing you all how to create quick pulled together and glamorous looks.

My last three hours at work was spent doing an eyelash extension touch-up for and hour starting promptly at 2:30 finishing at 3:30. After cleaning my lash room I went to my station and started taking selfies…gotta love those selfies right, what a great way to past time. This is what I came up with.

IMG1116 You guys can obviously tell that I’m bored (out my mind). It dawned on me that I didn’t have on any lips. So, I went to my purse and whipped out one of the most poppington lip colors “Patent Leather Red” from the KIP Lip collection of Keep it Pretty and Look what it did.


Me, Jenifer Vanderhorst aka Ms. Keep it Pretty

My camera phone distorts color really bad, but I will put reputation on the line and vouch that these lip colors are Highly pigmented. Needless to say the last two hours of work was super fun. I played in makeup and took pictures of it all 🙂


Whats Poppington: Lupita Nyong’o For The March Issue of Essence Magazine


Beautiful dark chocolate skin. I’ll never get tired looking at this gorgeous lady.  Lupita Nyong’o photographed by Philippe Salomon and styled by Nick Nelson in Vera Wang, Katrin Schnabl and jewelry from Alexandra Mor for the March issue of Essence Magazine. Lupita’s makeup was done by artist Matin with vibrant jewel tones that accents her rich skin. Visit link for more photos

Whats Poppington: Rolling Girls – Models Caitlin Lomax and Ismini Papavlasopoulou

rolling-girls2 rolling-girls1rolling-girls4

Rolling Girls – Models Caitlin Lomax and Ismini Papavlasopoulou throw on some skates for the August issue of Elle Ukraine. The colorful duo sports bold prints and sleek shapes from the likes of Prada, Just Cavalli, Preen and others styled by Elle Packham. With art direction by Robert Mishchenko, the girls pose for Tim Ashton in the studio snaps with curly hair and bright eyeshadow. Source and Post by: Fashion Gone Rogue



Whats Poppington: Jessica Alba graces Glamour Magazine France August 2013


Jessica Alba graces Glamour Mag France in a beautiful yet dun spread shows off her chilled side for the August cover. Jessica poses for Jason Kim in an array of skater chic outfits such as casual denim, tees, sunglasses and studded belts selected by stylist Sébastien Cambos.

Makeup by Lauren Anderson @ The Wall Group, Hair by Robert Ramos @ Celestine, Manicure by Nettie Davis



Whats Poppington: Julianne Moore On Cover of T Magazine’s

T Magazine’s  spring cover shoot features Julianne Moore. The natural redhead beauty poses for Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin in editorials styled by Joe McKenna. Julianne’s hair was styled by Christiaan and Makeup by Peter Philips. In the T Magazine article Julianne expresses her love for Charleston’s “Low Country” cooking, I was quite impressed to hear that because I am a native and still reside in good ole  Charleston SC. Visit the link to read more interesting unknowns about Ms. Julianne Moore .


Whats Poppington: Vouge Portugal: Model Iris Egbers


Model Iris Egbers poses for the March edition of Vogue Portugal. Photographed by Kevin Sinclair. Iris wears Alexander McQueen, Donna Karan, Givenchy, Thesykens’ Theory,and others designers for her shoot. The glam squad responsible for Model Iris Egbers look are Wardrobe  Stylist – Andrew Holden, Makeup Artist – Fumi Akinakagawa and Hair – Yoichi Tomizawa.

I personally love the color contrast used between her hair and skin. The makeup is kept soft not to take attention away from her over all look, and I love the deep bronze smoky eye that plays off those fire red tresses. Well done by true professionals.

iris-egbers-by-kevin-sinclair-for-vogue-portu-L-8x3m5a iris-egbers-by-kevin-sinclair-for-vogue-portu-L-eDNo0Z iris-egbers-by-kevin-sinclair-for-vogue-portu-L-FoJANP iris-egbers-by-kevin-sinclair-for-vogue-portu-L-lxscCn iris-egbers-by-kevin-sinclair-for-vogue-portu-L-qmhhg6

Whats Poppington: L’Officiel 60’s Inspired











March cover shoot for L’Officiel Singapore highlights sixties fashion in a major way. Mod trends starring April Tiplady. The blonde beauty channels her inner Twiggy with a short pixie cut, the signature twiggy lashes and big doe eyes to compliment. Hair was done by Graneil Low and Makeup by Nigel Stanislau. Stylist Jack Wang and fashion editor Jurnius Wong select a pieces from Michael by Michael Kors, CK Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Burberry Prorsum,




Whats Poppington: Coco Rocha On The Cover Of Elle Ukraine’s March Issue


Coco Rocha on the cover of Elle Ukraine’s March issue for a cover story shot by Rankin. Coco, one of the stars on “The Face” wears looks from the spring collections of Chanel, Prada, Valentino and others styled by Natalia Osadchaya. Hair stylist Nich Irwin and makeup artist Caroline Saulnier creates long lasting 20’s inspired waves and multi colored pink lips.



Keep it Pretty: Schön Magazine The Schwarm Beauty Editorial

The Schön Magazine, which means beautiful in German, has featured a nature driven editorial recognizing mother natures  all stars round of insects , ants, bees and butterfly’s, you know the popular crew of insect high. The editorial showcases alluring beauty shots created by artist Tessa Farmer. The beauty editorial was inspired by a Schwarm of insects, and it also highlights the latest beauty brands such as Tom Ford, YSL, Bobbi Brown and MAC Cosmetics.

Whats Poppington: T Magazine features The Timeless Beauty Of Halle Berry


Photograph by Cedric Buchet. Styled by Bill Mullen. Fashion assistants: Mauricio Quezada and Mollie Maguire. Hair by Neeko at Dew Beauty Agency and Salon Sessions using Oribe. Makeup by Kara Yoshimoto Bua for Chanel using Revlon. Manicure by Deborah Lippmann. Halle Berry models every season’s wardrobe essentials: a great jacket and classic denim. Salvatore Ferragamo jacket, $17,300; (800) 628-8916. Isabel Marant shirt, $145; (212) 219-2284. Hermès belt, $2,050; hermes.com. Guess jeans, $98;guess.com. Janis by Janis Savitt necklace, $588, bracelets, $625 and $940, and rings, $125, $150 and $200; (212) 245-7396. Source: T WINTER WOMENS 2012

On how her mother helped shape her into the women she has become
My mother helped me identify myself the way the world would identify me. Bloodlines didn’t matter as much as how I would be perceived” — as beautiful but also as a black woman in a world in which the images of beautiful, successful black women were notably absent.

On being mixed race
Being biracial is sort of like being in a secret society. Most people I know of that mix have a real ability to be in a room with anyone, black or white.

On her beauty and self-esteem
Just because they see my face doesn’t mean they see me. A person’s self-esteem has nothing to do with how she looks. If it’s true that I’m beautiful, I’m proof of that. Self-esteem comes from who you have in your life. How you were raised. What you struggled with as a child.

On why she is grounded
I come from humble beginnings. I always felt like the underdog. Behind the eight ball. I learned not to be too high on the hog. Even that night I won the Oscar, I had a fundamental knowing, it was just a moment in time. Driving home that night, back to my house, I felt like Cinderella. I said, ‘When this night is over, I’m going back to who I was.’ And I did.

On being hounded by paparazzi day in day out
They’re outside my house every morning, I get it about the celebrity stuff. It’s part of my job to recognize that there’s a certain part of my life the public wants to hear about. But it’s not okay that they’re doing terrible things to my daughter. One night, after they chased us, it took me two hours just to get her calmed down enough to get to sleep.

On why she hasn’t been able to find the right partner
God just wanted to mix up my life. Maybe he was thinking, ‘This girl can’t get everything! I’m going to give her a broken picker.

On why she so desperately wants to move out of America
I can’t grow my daughter in L.A. You take a little child who is just trying to learn about the world and have all these people with cameras chasing after her, calling things out to her about her mother. It’s starting to make her feel special and different. I want her to feel special and different, but not for the reason of being my child.

On what she would do if she didn’t have the press in her face for a day
I’d go to the market with my daughter. Go to Santa Monica Pier and take her on a ride. Nothing special. Just live some normal life for once

Read more at T-Magazine


Keep it Pretty: Wonderland featuring Julia Valimaki Fall 2012

The Wonderland magazine is featuring Julia Valimaki for the fall 2012 issue in a  beauty editorial called ‘’A flash in the dark.’’ Model Julia Valimaki was photographed by Bjarne Jonasson. Make-up artistry was created by artist Kelly Cornwell. The makeup artistry is amazing, clean and unique. The photographer adds strong shots, perfection of lighting, and a little camera magic bringing together a dynamic collaboration between makeup artist and photography. Thanks Wonderland Mag for an inspiring beauty editorial .

Keep it Pretty: Black Opal Cosmetics Collabs With Designer, Samantha Black

Samantha Black

One of the leading cosmetics brand in the industry, for people of color collaborated with emerging designer Samantha Black to present the Spring/Summer 2013 runway collection. Black Opal is one of the first line of cosmetics I used as an emerging artist, reason being is because they have shades of foundation that EVERYONE can wear, not to mention the color cosmetice, such as eye shadows, are pigmented and vibrant with color.

Frank Guyton

Celebrity make-up artist and Black Opal Artistic Director Frank Guyton was the key make-up artist creating fresh chic retro looks for the fashion collection.

 Designer Samantha Black states her collection inspiration-“My inspiration for this collection started off with simple SOHO brunch. Back in the day women used to dressed up.They were classy and feminine. Today, brunch is more of a scene, funky, sassy and very fashionable.  My collection is a mixture of both, colliding vintage fashion with a modern twist; while remaining very feminine, sassy and innovative.”